I went to Will Turk with pain in my shoulder that radiated to my chest. I actually thought I was having a heart attack and ended up in the ER. This led to various tests with no diagnosis. I sought care of a chiropractor and tried acupuncture and I got minimal relief. After my first visit with Will I noticed a difference within days. The symptoms began to subside and after 10 months of chronic pain, I was hopeful I may get better. After several visits, the pain was gone and I have full movement in my shoulder and the radiating pain is gone. I am grateful to Will for helping me feel well again. I would recommend him highly!

Crystal B., Fountain Valley

If you have ever been in pain and not sure where to go, you have to try this place! William is very knowledgeable with trigger points. I’m leaving this morning feeling 100% better. I can’t believe it. I’ve been living with this for the past 4 months. But this morning after my appointment, I’m in a much better position. Thank you Will!

Jared D., Torrance

Found William a few weeks back after having some back pain due to my posture at work and let me tell you this guy definitely knows what he is doing, he listens to where it hurts and applies the right pressure and explains to you how the muscles are connected and how you should stretch them. This location is very convenient and clean. I definitely look forward to my next session with William.

Melissa C., Lake Forest

Will has been great! My journey with Will began back in July when I suffered from extreme chronic low back pain. He has tremendously helped me with reducing the pain I experience from having spondylolisthesis. It really has been quite the journey but over time he has worked on all the muscles that are associated with my L4 vertebrate sliding forward. So far together we have seen a great improvement in my muscles that support my low back. I look forward in continuing this journey to full recovery. I recommend this service to anyone with the slightest back pain!

Jessica N., Laguna Beach

Will helped me with pain I was having in my neck, shoulder, and wrist. ¬†Who would think all those years of discomfort were caused by tight muscles. I went in last week for a tune up massage (after a month of no pain thanks to Will). And I couldn’t think of any noticeable aches or pain I needed him to work on. I got a relaxing shoulder massage and a little work on my wrist which still bugs me now and then.

Will really listens to you. He does his best to identify the source of your problem and focuses on that. Don’t be surprised if the whole session focuses on one body part because that is what is causing your pain. Will is focused on making the pain go away. He is also honest and if he thinks he can’t help you he will say so. If he thinks you need a specialist he will refer you to one. I trust Will. His service is worthwhile and I’m confident he will not take advantage of me. What more can you ask?

David P., Huntington Beach