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Personalized Bodywork

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I have been suffering with neck pain and stiffness for the past five months and was unable to get a full resolution with traditional chiropractic and physical therapy. Massage Therapist William Turk at AIM Therapy in Costa Mesa showed the breadth of his knowledge of the human body by realizing what was missing in my treatment.

He applied his skills with neuromuscular therapy and brought almost an immediate breakthrough in reaching a new level of recovery.

Glenn J., Newport Beach

I highly recommend Will Turk. His knowledge of the muscular system and his approach to evaluating really puts him on a league of his own.

He takes the time to really listen and ask detailed questions to figure how he can improve your body.

Daniel G., Costa Mesa

We would be happy to see you in my offices or come to your home or office.

We can help you:

  • Swim longer
  • Lift more
  • Run further
  • Increase flexibility
  • Decrease recovery time
  • Facilitate healing of injuries
  • Live pain-free
Will Turk - Neuromuscular Therapist - Costa Mesa & Irvine